By Christine Murray, HRI Director

Conversations with children and teenagers about future college and career plans can be fun, exciting, and sometimes a little stressful. All this past week, we’ve shared tips and resources to help parents and caregivers prepare to have these conversations with their children. Even with very young children, parents can help guide their children along a path to a bright, successful future.

Of course, every child has a unique future path ahead of them, and parents, caregivers, and other trusted adults can serve as guides and mentors as young people consider the many possible options for their futures. It’s important to keep in mind that conversations about college and careers aren’t a one-time event. Instead, it’s important to keep an open line of communication over time to adapt to children’s changing developmental stages and as their dreams and plans evolve over time.

So, keep those college and career conversations going! And, be sure to practice positive communication skills in the process. For additional support in building healthy relationship skills when parenting, check out our HRI Toolkits on Parenting here: