By Kristi Wallace, Wellness Director at Bryan Family YMCA

Everyday, individuals across the country are hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, taking a fitness class, or signing up for a race or physical challenge.

Maybe we should not be doing this alone.

Hello!  My name is Kristi Wallace and I am the Wellness Director at the Bryan Family YMCA in downtown Greensboro.  I have been working in the Wellness Industry for over a decade and have had the opportunity to help many individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.  The happiness I witness when these individuals succeed is amazing and unforgettable.  Happiness is free, happiness is contagious, and happiness builds confidence.

Maybe we should be sharing in our happiness.

Our members continually workout and work towards health and wellness goals in hopes of achieving more and more.  Everyone knows there is strength in numbers, right?  Everyone knows the more the merrier, right?  Why are we not taking these theories and applying them to our own health and wellness goals?

We know that physical fitness is important.  The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.  We know that time is scarce and precious, too.  I say – SHARE these minutes and kill two birds with one stone!  Lace up those sneakers and grab your significant other off the sofa and get moving!

Maybe we should grab our partner and not our ear buds.

Physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and overall wellness but also your relationship with your significant other.  It is time you grab your partner’s hand and invite them to be not only your life partner, but your workout partner too!

Studies continue to suggest that couples that sweat together, REALLY do stay together.  Couples report feeling more satisfied in their relationship and more in love after participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity TOGETHER.  Exercise is a perfect example of the type of invigorating activity that can have these positive effects.  It is the physiological arousal, rather than the actual activity, that drives and improves the romantic attraction.

Perhaps, sharing a health and wellbeing goal, taking regular walks or runs together, ballroom dancing, or having a date night at the gym can boost the quality of your relationship.

Maybe we should start today!

The city of Greensboro offers many opportunities to get out and get active.  Many of these activities are free or minimal in cost.

Below are some local resources to look into for your next date night.

  • Fitness by the Fountain – Center City Park
  • Namaste for Mimosas – Boxcar Bar + Arcade
  • Downtown Dashers – Bryan Family YMCA
  • RunnerDude’s Fitness – Various Locations
  • Tuesday Trailhead Fitness – Morehead Foundry

Grab your partner and achieve those health and wellness goals together!

Kristi Wallace is the Wellness Director at the Bryan Family YMCA in downtown Greensboro. 

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