Our newest resource: Setting Family Boundaries & Avoiding Parentification

Busy schedules and never-ending family commitments sometimes means that the older kids in the family take on responsibilities and tasks to help support the entire family. While kids can take on minor tasks to help around the house, it’s important to set boundaries as a parent to avoid the Parentification of children. Parentification occurs when children take on adult responsibilities within the home, both logistically, but also emotionally, such as providing comfort to parents and adults during difficult times.

We’ve worked together with Bringing Out the Best at UNC Greensboro to develop a new resource to help families set boundaries and avoid the Parentification of young children and teens.  It is possible to find a balance that works for the entire family without adding unnecessary pressure on younger family members.  Download our free E-Book today and learn more!

Download the free HRI E-Book: Setting Family Boundaries & Avoiding Parentification