HRI Holiday Series: Gift-Giving & Receiving

As the holidays approach, so does the stress of gifting! Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, or how you celebrate, most holiday celebrations involve some level of gift-giving and receiving, so why is it that we don’t often talk about the relationship implications or the etiquette around giving and receiving gifts?

Join HRI relationship experts, Dr. Christine Murray and Camila Dos Santos, and etiquette experts, Julie and Brooks Copeland, as they dive into a fun and insightful discussion around the topic of gift-giving and receiving. Learn more about our expert speakers, Julie & Brooks here

In this fun discussion, we’ll tackle tough topics such as how to approach gifting during tough economic times, how to give meaningful and thoughtful gifts that make our loved ones feel special and strengthen our relationships, and how to manage the stress of gifting around the holidays.

We’ll also discuss topics such as how to re-gift politely, how to deal when you don’t like the gift you’ve received, and how to make sure that the process of gifting doesn’t take away from the importance of the holiday itself.

You won’t want to miss this conversation on November 18th from 12-1 pm! 

Click here to watch the recording!