Having healthy relationships is important to our overall well-being and happiness! This doesn’t just apply to our relationships with friends and family. It extends into other areas of our lives, including the workplace. 

Building happy, healthy, and safe relationships with our coworkers leads to greater job and life satisfaction! It’s much more enjoyable to get up and go to work when we are excited to be around the people in our workplace and have a work environment that fosters trust, communication, respect, and teamwork. Not only do great work relationships make work more enjoyable, but they also lead to increased productivity, creativity, and opportunities to collaborate with others. 

Just like all relationships, it takes time, effort, and intentionality to create positive relationships with your coworkers. The HRI team is excited to help you build healthy work relationships by sharing tips throughout the rest of this week!

To go along with our blog series, we will be releasing videos with tips to help you create healthy work relationships!

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