When we talk about relationships, we usually focus on ways to build up and strengthen our connections with others, but what about when that relationship ends? We don’t tend to spend as much time talking about what to do in the face of a breakup. However, making sure we have healthy breakups is just as important as devoting our energy to building healthy relationships! 

When a relationship ends, both people often feel a rollercoaster of emotions from pain and sadness, to confusion or relief. Though breakups are challenging and painful, they are also an inevitable part of the human experience. Most of us have probably been broken up with or been the one to end a relationship. It’s hard and emotional, but it can also be healthy! 

This week, we’ll be sharing tips to help you have a healthy breakup whenever possible!

Today’s tip is to be honest and clear with your partner about why you’re ending the relationship. When you’re open and honest about your feelings, you can help them gain closure and clarity instead of leaving them wondering with “what ifs.” If it feels safe, it’s also important to communicate your feelings if you are on the other side of the break up. It’s okay to feel hurt and to communicate that in a respectful way. Both people deserve to feel heard and respected throughout the breakup.

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