When we think about gratitude, we often focus on noticing and expressing gratitude for others. While this is important and can help us build stronger relationships with our loved ones, it’s also important for us to feel grateful for ourselves! 

At times, it can be really challenging to feel and express gratitude to ourselves; however, it is important to remember that we are deserving of self-love. You are worthy of the same appreciation and gratitude that you show your loved ones! This holiday season, take some time to reflect on the things about yourself that you are grateful for.s

A great way to express gratitude to yourself is to practice self-care! Take some time to focus on yourself and do something kind to celebrate you. When we take care of ourselves and practice self-gratitude, not only are we building our self-esteem, but we are also more capable of noticing moments of joy and gratitude during the chaos of the holidays.

As you go throughout the rest of your week, we encourage you to reflect on this question: What can you do to practice self-gratitude this holiday season?

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