The holidays bring moments of joy, laughter, and connection, and they are often a time for families to come together and celebrate! The holiday season creates opportunities to build relationships and make lasting memories with your loved ones. However, despite the many joy-filled moments, the holidays can also induce stress. 

The holidays can feel overwhelming and chaotic with the many moving pieces that have to come together. Sometimes it can feel like you’re up against a never ending to-do list. Coordinating plans, grocery shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking meals, buying gifts, traveling, and the list goes on and on. The laundry list of chores, plans, and to-do items during the holidays, along with the added stress of navigating complicated family dynamics, can make it challenging to find moments of gratitude. 

Though finding gratitude amidst holiday chaos can be challenging, it is a critical component to fostering meaningful connections and promoting joy in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Stay tuned throughout the rest of this week and next week as we share tips to help you cultivate and practice gratitude during the holiday frenzy!

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