For the Guilford County Partnership for Children, education is the name of the game! This organization partners with local businesses and national programs to help preschool age children develop the math and literacy skills to prepare them for school and life. The first 2000 days of life are a hotbed of cognitive development, 700 new neural connections developing between birth and five years. The Partnership for Children believes in making the most of those early years by engaging children in fun reading and learning activities that will get them excited and ready for kindergarten.

Heavily rooted in community, the Partnership knows that no child stands alone, so they’ve consulted dozens of local families with children under the age of eight about what is needed to get kids ready for kindergarten. Children who get a head start reading have an easier time transitioning to school, and are more likely to maintain an enthusiasm for learning that will carry them through life. Whether it’s providing parents with the benchmarks of child development or offering opportunities to find new books, there are plenty of ways the Partnership for Children can help get families ready for this big transition.

One program happening right now is the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. This exciting campaign provides free books for children birth to five years, and now local parents can sign their children up to get a book in the mail every month! The staff at the Partnership are promoting the program and advocating for reading in early childhood. Community outreach director, LouMecia Staton, even organized a fun video with the rest of the Partnership staff advertising the Imagination Library:

Education starts at birth, and the Partnership for Children is passionate about giving children the best start possible. By working with the community and with other programs, they make early childhood development a family affair, with tons of fun and flexibility. To learn more about the Guilford County Partnership for Children, you can visit their website, or contact them at (336) 274-5437.