Difficult child behavior is a reality every parent dreads. Whether it’s the tantrums of toddlers or the first argument with a preteen, conflict between caregivers and children is an inevitable part of family life. However, many families encounter adolescent behavior that is more extreme than typical bickering. Teens who are abusing substances, committing petty crimes, or suffering from severe depression or aggression can leave parents wondering what to do. Thankfully, the Parent Universal Resource Experts are here to offer advice for families whose good kids are making bad choices.

The Parent Universal Resource Experts (or PURE) was founded by Sue Scheff after she and her daughter were taken advantage of by a harmful program for troubled teens. To ensure other desperate parents and adolescents don’t fall prey to the same schemes, PURE works tirelessly to provide families with accurate resources and information on residential teen programs that are positive, nurturing, and supportive. The organization provides parents with plans for how to determine what kind of program their teen needs, what questions to ask prospective schools, and financial options that may be available. PURE also supplies up-to-date information and advice on negative adolescent behaviors like self-injury, vaping, or obsessive internet/social media use.

All this information is available for free on their website, https://www.helpyourteens.com/ and more can be found in Sue Scheff’s new book, Shame Nation: Choosing Kindness & Compassion In An Age of Cruelty and Trolling. She will also be speaking about bullying and online reputation at the Learning and the Brain conference this upcoming February. For more information or to schedule a consultation with the PURE staff, call 954-260-0805. You can also learn more about PURE by watching the following YouTube video:

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