Every year, during Recovery Month in September, the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) raises awareness about the recovery process. The recovery process not only includes the individuals undergoing recovery, but also their friends and family members, who can play an important and supportive role throughout this process. This week, HRI will explore what the recovery process looks like for the family as a whole and highlight how family members can best support themselves and their loved ones throughout the recovery process.

Substance use and abuse can be a major obstacle to having healthy relationships. When someone you care about is facing addiction, it can be difficult to watch them go through this process, while trying to understand what you can do to help. Although substance use and abuse can cause stress and conflict within families, it is important remember to that family support is crucial part of the recovery process. This year SAMHSA’s Recovery Month theme is “Invest in health, home, purpose, and community.” Join us this week as we look at the invest in health, home, purpose, and community theme from a family-centered approach and explore the different ways families can support loved ones in recovery from substance abuse disorder.

We are also excited to partner with Fellowship Hall and UNCG Spartan Recovery Program to host the HRI Lived Experiences Opioid Addiction Recovery Training for professionals working with families on September 18th. Learn more and get your free ticket to this training here: https://www.facebook.com/events/862480153935794/.

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