Here’s a question that might be a gut-check for some of you: Do the people you love know how much you appreciate them? As you reflect upon how you would answer this question, substitute “the people you love” with specific names, and consider how confident you are that each person would say, “Yes, I know for sure that s/he loves me and appreciates me” about you.

Many people are raised to keep their feelings to themselves, and they don’t get much practice expressing positive feelings toward others. All too often, people assume that other people know how they feel about them, so words of appreciation go unspoken. However, these unspoken words can leave other people feeling unappreciated and unnoticed.

Be intentional about building a practice of expressing your gratitude to the people you love. Don’t assume that others know what you appreciate about them unless you tell them and show them. Most likely, as you pour more gratitude and appreciation into your relationships, you’ll find a lot more coming back to you as well!

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