By Christine Murray, HRI Director

Parents and caregivers work hard to give their children the best start to their lives to set the stage for their future success. One important part of supporting children in looking ahead to a bright future is supporting them in thinking about their future educational and career goals.

As much as parents long to help their children get the best start to their lives, many often struggle when it comes to knowing how to talk with their children about college- and career-related topics. Parents may be concerned about putting too much pressure on their children, or they may not know how to talk about these issues. Other challenges can arise when parents and children have different ideas about the future plans, as well as when financial concerns about how to pay for college arise.

This week, we’re sharing a series to help parents and caregivers prepare to talk with their children about college and career readiness. And even though this topic may seem most relevant to high school students, we will also explore points about how to set the stage as early as elementary and middle school. Stay tuned all week, and consider how you may start to have some college and career conversations with the young people in your life!