Relationship Affirmations to Start the Day

An important part of having healthy and happy relationships is to maintain a positive view of your relationships, especially when times are tough or relationships are strained. One way to practice this reframing of your relationships is to practice daily affirmations.  Affirmations can help us train our minds to view our circumstances more positively. Today, we’re sharing relationship affirmations to help you begin reframing your perspectives on your relationships today!

4 Practical Steps for Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries often have a negative connotation, but when we use them appropriately, they can help us to strengthen our relationships and experience healthier, happier, and safer relationships overall. Today, we’re sharing 4 practical steps for setting healthy boundaries in relationships of all kinds.

  1. Commit to learning and growing.  All relationships require intentionality and constant effort in order to remain healthy, happy, and safe. When setting boundaries in relationships, it’s important to commit to learning and growing. Identifying the areas of your relationships that may need work can help you understand where you need to commit your effort to learning and growing new skills.
  2. Practice, practice, practice! Like anything in life, to become good at setting boundaries, you have to practice, practice, practice! Practicing boundary-setting can look like: reminding yourself and those impacted of the boundary you’re setting and how they can help you enforce it, or holding yourself accountable for the boundaries that you set for yourself. Remember that perfection is not the goal, but consistency is!
  3. Understand that only you can change your behaviors and that you cannot control the behaviors of others.  It can be hard to accept this in our relationships, but when we understand that we cannot control the behaviors of others, it helps us to focus on the behaviors in ourselves that can help to change or impact a relationship for the better.
  4. Address communication issues and boundary violations promptly and respectfully. Responding to boundary violations quickly and respectfully helps to hold yourself accountable, as well as others, for ensuring that your needs are met.

For more on setting boundaries in relationships, check out this pre-recorded program by HRI Director, Dr. Christine Murray, here.

3.19.21 | Sesame Street in Communities Resources: Tips for Parents


The Healthy Relationships Initiative is partnering with the Guilford County Partnership for Children and other community organizations to help parents bridge difficult and sensitive discussions with their young children using Sesame Street in Communities resources!

This event will feature a panel of experts and will take place on Friday, March 19 at 11:00 AM EST on Facebook Live. You can connect through the Partnership Facebook here, or through the Healthy Relationships Initiative Facebook on the day of the program.  No advance registration is required.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Safe Relationships: The Foundation

Safe relationships are free from all forms of abuse, neglect, and any threats to one’s safety. We’re sharing some questions today to help you reflect on your relationships.  Remember that safety is the foundation of all relationships, and without it, it is impossible to reach higher levels of health and happiness.  If you believe that you are in an unsafe or abusive relationship, please refer to this local resource, as well as this national resource to find help.

Are your relationships happy, healthy, safe?

Before you can determine whether your relationships are happy, healthy, and safe, it’s important to know what each component can look like in relationships!

Through the Healthy Relationships Initiative, we’ve developed a pyramid model for Happy, Healthy, and Safe relationships.  The concept is that in order for relationships to reach their optimal level of functioning (happy), they must first be safe and healthy.

Over the next few days, we’ll share our HRI definitions of healthy, happy, and safe to help you evaluate your relationships!


Healthy, Happy, and Safe Relationships

The Healthy Relationships Initiative promotes happy, healthy, and safe relationships of all kinds. But what does it mean to have healthy, happy, and safe relationships? Does healthy and happy look different in our romantic relationships, then for example, our work ones?

Over the next few days, we’ll share the HRI definition of happy, healthy, and safe relationships to help you assess all of your relationships in the context of our HRI framework.  Stay tuned!