It’s safe to say that parents and caregivers want what is best for their children. They want them to achieve their goals, have dreams, and grow up to be happy, healthy adults, and a big part of this involves being able to foster and maintain happy, healthy, and safe relationships throughout their lives.

The most impactful way to teach your kids how to have healthy relationships, is to start at home. Your relationship with your child is a powerful tool to model healthy relationship behaviors, which they can develop and carry with them throughout their lives. You can teach your child essential healthy relationship skills, such as healthy communication, effective conflict management, and active listening, and problem-solving through your behaviors and interactions.

When thinking about what it means to be a healthy relationship role model, the phrase, “little eyes are always watching,” comes to mind. This phrase rings true, especially when thinking about how your actions and behaviors influence the way your child behaves and interacts with others. Children often model what they see, so it is important to be intentional about modeling healthy relationship behaviors not only through your interactions with them, but also through the way you treat and interact with other people in your life.

Here at HRI, we are passionate about equipping people in our community with the knowledge and skills to be healthy relationship role models to the children in their lives. Throughout the next week, we will be sharing tips to help you be a healthy relationship role model to your own kids, as well as children you may interact with through work, family gatherings, and more!