Gratitude is good for you! Practicing gratitude is associated with increased happiness and life satisfaction. It helps us see our self worth, makes us feel more connected to the people in our lives, and it enables us to have a more positive outlook on life (Carter, 2012).

Check out this video from the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center for more information about why gratitude is so beneficial:

Not only does gratitude increase our happiness and make us feel appreciated, but it also strengthens our interpersonal relationships. When we feel appreciated by our friends, family members, coworkers, and partners, we are also more likely to be receptive to their needs and show gratitude in return, creating a cycle of gratitude and generosity (Gordon, 2013).

During Thanksgiving, we often stop to reflect on the people in our lives who we are thankful for, and an important part of being thankful is showing gratitude through our actions. Over the next couple of weeks, HRI will be providing tips to help you show gratitude in your different relationships this Thanksgiving season and throughout the year!


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