By Eleanor Beeslaar, HRI Graduate Assistant

An important part of healing from rejection is allowing yourself to feel and express the emotional pain that often goes hand in hand with rejection. Acknowledging your pain instead of holding it in and letting it bottle up can help you process and move past rejection. 

Give yourself space to feel. Be gentle with yourself, and remember that emotional expression is a healthy and normal part of healing. If you need to cry, cry. If you need some time to be by yourself, give yourself permission to do so. If you need to talk it out, find a trusted friend with whom you can share your experiences and your pain. If writing helps you express and process your feelings, set aside some time to journal. We encourage you to engage in whatever healthy emotional expression looks like for you! 

As you give yourself space to experience your emotions, remember, the pain that you feel will not last forever. Think of your emotions as waves in the ocean. Throughout life, your emotions will ebb and flow, changing with each experience and life event. At times you will feel sadness and pain, but they too will pass, and you will find peace and joy. 

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