Developed by HRI Program Coordinator, Camila Dos Santos, M.Ed.

One way that parents can keep their teenagers healthy and safe this summer is to help them take on an important role or task within the household. Not only can this promote responsibility and accountability within their teens, it can help increase their sense of self-worth and confidence. 

When teenagers are granted responsibilities, they are more likely to feel as if their parents trust them and rely on them. This added trust from an adult can give teens more confidence in themselves and in their abilities. It is important to consider the age of your teenager when thinking about responsibilities that they can take on and to refrain from overloading them with too many tasks.  

Starting small and asking your teenager for their input will help ensure that your teenager does not get overwhelmed and that you do not create a situation that adds stress onto the family. Some responsibilities that teenagers can take on include helping their younger siblings with tasks, doing the grocery shopping, cooking one meal per week, or helping with yard work.  

Strengthen your relationship with your teen today by showing them that you trust them with an important task or responsibility.