Every year in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, HRI names Kindness Champions–people in the community who exemplify kindness to others. We invite you to help us celebrate the individuals who have been nominated as Kindness Champions of Guilford County by their fellow community members! We will be sharing the 2020 Kindness Champions of Guilford County throughout the rest of this month, so stay tuned to learn more about these wonderful people and the ways they spread kindness throughout our community!

Today’s Kindness Champion is Qumara Lee, whose nominator shared why she stands out as someone who is outstanding at spreading kindness: “I am nominating her because she has transformed a tragic loss of her son into becoming a champion for nonviolence and kindness in High Point. In November, she organized a basketball event that was attended by about 200 people with a goal of promoting nonviolent solutions to conflict among youth in High Point. She is working tirelessly to bring together different community groups to address the problem of gun violence in our community.”

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