Most youth sports coaches are volunteers—and many of them are parents themselves! Coaches enjoy working with their teams and getting to know the players’ families throughout the season. Here are some ways that parents can help support coaches throughout the season:

  1. Take time to introduce yourself and your child at the start of the season. Your coaches want to know the families on their teams—just keep in mind that they may not remember your name right away since their first focus is on remembering the names of the players!
  2. Let the coach know if there are any special considerations that may impact your child’s experience in youth sports. These may include if it’s your child’s first time playing this sport, if they have had previous bad experiences with this sport or another sport, if your child has any food allergies, or if your child has any unique social or behavioral needs.
  3. Consider ways you can volunteer to help the team. This may mean being an Assistant Coach, bringing snacks, helping the coach get in touch with other parents, covering a game or practice that the coach needs to miss.
  4. Let the coach do the coaching during practices and games. Focus on encouraging your child and the other players, rather than telling your child what to do. Remember that it’s the coach’s job to focus on skills and game strategy.
  5. Help your child when they need additional support. If your child begins to have disruptive behaviors or if they begin to show extreme emotional distress during practice or a game, quickly step in to address their behaviors or support your child. This will help the coach stay focused on the whole team and keep the other children from getting off task.